Feature image for Coffee Connections by UF Research
Writer August Lah used to joke that she spent more than half her day in a coffee house.
Collage of a variety of books published by UPF over the years.
As Florida’s oldest book publisher, University Press of Florida has evolved over the years from just serving the University of Florida to representing all 12 State University System of Florida institutions today.
Linguistics team studies the benefits of speaking multiple languages
Creativing Writing Graduate
The University of Florida’s creative writing program nurtures and pushes its graduate students
Xander Boggs, UF student playing instrument
Other universities told Xander Boggs he’d have to choose between music and medical school. The University of Florida encouraged him...
Marty Hylton peers out of a window in Nantucket’s oldest house, the Jethro Coffin house, built in 1686.
UF students document Nantucket as they learn skills that will help it live on
Harn Museum: Korean Bodhisattva
Jason Steuber, the Asian art curator at the Harn Museum, tells the story of the journey of the 17th century...