UF Emerging Pathogens Institute

Return On Investment

UF’s Emerging Pathogens Institute was created for this moment
By T. DeLene Beeland

Katherine Bermudez conducts research in lab wearing PPE.
Images of the pandemic pause became familiar so quickly: Zoom cameos by...
A University of Florida geophysicist discusses the strange changes in shifting ground during a long-term study of the 1960 Chile earthquake.
Collage of factory worker wearing a mask with conveyor belts super-imposed in background.
The supply chains for common household items — like cleaning supplies or hardware — have had difficulties before the COVID-19 global pandemic.
Person wearing protective mask and glasses with foggy lenses.
Now that a respiratory virus has made us fearful of passing each other in grocery store aisles and caused the masked among us to gaze reproachfully at the unmasked, suddenly, breathing seems complicated.
A hospital in Kansas during the Spanish flu epidemic in 1918.
UF Geography lecturer Gabriela Hamerlinck debuted a new class for Fall 2019: Pandemics. As the semester began, she was lecturing about history – the plagues of prehistory and the Black Death. By the end of the semester, current events were about to catch up with her lesson plan.
Feature image for Get Ready, UF Explore 2020
When you stocked up supplies for quarantine, you likely checked several items off your hurricane preparation kit list as well. That head start will come in handy as hurricane season elbows its way into the pandemic in progress.
Feature image for Coffee Connections by UF Research
Writer August Lah used to joke that she spent more than half her day in a coffee house.
Implicit biases, or biases that may be hidden, reveal the way test-takers associate people with words in positive or negative ways.
Nursing specialists at the University of Florida study data on patients' health to reduce hospital-acquired falls.
Close-up of Alligator on UF campus
Alligator mating season has arrived along with warmer weather, but this year, the alligators pretty much have all 2,000 acres of campus to themselves.
By studying the way wildlife are hunted, researchers discuss the economics that help inform policy makers.
Collage of a variety of books published by UPF over the years.
As Florida’s oldest book publisher, University Press of Florida has evolved over the years from just serving the University of Florida to representing all 12 State University System of Florida institutions today.
Linguistics team studies the benefits of speaking multiple languages
Jay Ritter, Mr. IPO
Jay Ritter has spent his career tracking the emergence of new public companies