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Gene Therapy Offers Hope For MS

In patients with multiple sclerosis, the body turns on itself, launching an immune system attack that destroys the coating around nerve fibers in the central nervous system, leaving them exposed...
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Come Jellies Have Unique Neuro System

Comb jellies – a seemingly simple form of marine life — took a radically different path to neural complexity than the rest of the animal kingdom, a finding that could have implications for...
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Gene Sequencing At Sea

A University of Florida researcher became the first scientist to achieve genome-scale sequencing and analysis of fragile marine creatures at sea aboard a ship and in real time. The genomic...
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Lizards Eating Other Reptiles’ Eggs

Research cameras trained on the nests of Florida reptiles have caught giant, invasive lizards in the act of pilfering eggs – making them a potential threat to native turtles, alligators and...
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There’s Still Plenty of Great White Sharks! Whew!

The Great White Shark is not endangered in the Eastern North Pacific, and, in fact, is doing well enough that its numbers likely are growing, according to an international research team led by a...
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