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Hungry parents may feed their kids more, UF study finds

The hungrier parents are at mealtimes, a new study shows, the more they may feed their young children, which could have implications for childhood obesity. In a small pilot study of 29 children...
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Rhesus macaques may be preying on bird eggs in Silver Springs, says UF/IFAS study

Rhesus macaques, primates brought from Asia in the 1930s to entice more tourists to an area now known as Silver Springs State Park, likely prey on eggs of the park’s birds, a new University of...
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Gravitational waves detected from second pair of colliding black holes

Four months after stunning the world with the announcement that they had detected gravitational waves from a collision of two black holes and confirmed a major prediction of Albert Einstein’s...
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Children who spend an extra week in the womb have higher school test scores, risk disability

Researchers have found that spending a week longer in the womb may give babies a tiny leg up on cognitive ability. The trade-off, however, seems to be a slight increase in the chance of having a...
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UF/IFAS study could help cities improve tree planting

Heat from city sidewalks, streets, and parking lots, along with insect pests, can damage trees planted in urban landscapes. Thus, it is critical to plant trees in the right places so they will do...
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Delayed concussion reporting may sideline college athletes for several more days

Athletes who wait to report a concussion may experience longer recovery times, say University of Florida researchers who found that college players who delayed treatment or removal from play...
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Paleontologists find first fossil monkey in North America

Seven tiny teeth tell the story of an ancient monkey that made a 100-mile ocean crossing between North and South America into modern-day Panama – the first fossil evidence for the existence of...
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UF researchers: Florida sees increase in school gardens

School gardens have been popping up like pea plants all over Florida, and students and teachers are eating up the benefits. There are approximately 1,300 school gardens in Florida, according to...
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UF Health researchers develop unique model for studying ALS

University of Florida Health researchers have developed a unique mouse model that will allow researchers around the world to better study the genetic origins and potential treatments for a...
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