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Ancient animal fossils reveal human impacts on wildlife

Nearly 100 fossil species pulled from a flooded cave in the Bahamas reveal a true story of persistence against all odds — at least until the time humans stepped foot on the islands. University of...
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UF researchers keep pathogens, pests from traveling with grain

University of Florida researchers say new research can help grain handlers and grain inspectors find key locations for pathogens and pests along rail routes in the United States and Australia....
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This week, Mars is the hottest news on Earth

“The Martian” is giving away a secret: science is really, really cool. The movie is funny, irreverent, dramatic, emotional and, interestingly, more science than science fiction, says University...
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UF researchers reveal first Tree of Life

In the mid-90s, many of Doug Soltis’ colleagues told him that creating a tree of life – a map of Earth’s 2.3 million named species and the connections between them – couldn’t be done. Two decades...
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New funding makes Florida universities national hub for hurricane mitigation research

The National Science Foundation today announced grants to Florida International University and University of Florida totaling nearly $8 million that will position the state to become a national...
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Nan-Yao Su

Dr. Nan-Yao Su is one of the world’s leading authorities on subterranean termites and their management. Along with colleagues at Dow AgroSciences, he developed a revolutionary approach for...
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Janet Yamamoto

Dr. Janet Yamamoto is a professor of retroviral immunology in UF Veterinary Medicine’s department of infectious diseases and pathology. She received her Ph.D. in microbiology, with a focus in...
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South Florida an attractive home for invading reptiles

South Florida is on the front lines in the war against invasive reptiles and amphibians because its warm climate makes it a place where they like to live, a new University of Florida study shows....
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Gatorade Fuel Bar serves athletes’ nutritional needs

It’s 6:30 a.m. in the south end zone at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, yet the weight room is bustling with workout groups from the football, softball and soccer teams. As the athletes wrap up their...
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