University of Florida


Eroding Confidence

For many people, Florida is beaches. Hundreds of thousands of residents live within a stone’s throw of the ocean, and 8,000 miles of shoreline are the destination of more than half the state’s 40 million tourists annually. But a succession of severe hurricanes and too...
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A Sense of Community

The benefits of biotech research to society can be great — a cure for diabetes or a frost-resistant citrus tree may lie in the next strand of DNA. But because of the long-term nature of the biotech commercialization process, often requiring years of experimentation and...
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Battle of the Bugs

In the battle of the bug, the University of Florida is allying its high-tech resources with mother nature to control unwanted pests. After half a century of relying almost exclusively on chemicals to combat agricultural and household pests, scientists now try to exploit natural...
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