Oşubi Craig playes drums on stage at a performance with fellow drummers.
He didn’t plan to return to his hometown, but when engineer, musician and administrator Oṣubi Craig saw the opportunity to...
A collection of eggs from seabirds, shorebirds, forest and grassland birds – even a giant flightless bird – arranged in separate boxes. The boxes are placed in a grid pattern on a table.
The man who founded the Florida Museum of Natural History more than 100 years ago had a clear purpose: to...
Feature image illustration for "The Future of Work", from the Fall 2022 issue of Explore magazine.
Where, when and how we work may never return to pre-pandemic norms. Artificial intelligence and demographic shifts will reshape our...
Hero image for Explore Summer '21 feature story, "All-Seeing Algorithms"
Artificial intelligence and computer science researchers say getting machines to do the right thing has turned out to be relatively easy. We program Roombas to vacuum our homes, but don’t expect them to brew our coffee. We program robotic arms to sort parts in factories, but not to decide which colors to paint cars. We program doorbells to tell us who is at the door, but not to let them in. Most of our machines do one thing and do it well, usually in error-free fashion. They get the task right.
Black Voices in Research feature image
In January, the UF Clinical and Translational Science Institute hosted “Black Voices in Research,” an online storytelling event featuring five Black members of the UF biomedical research community.
Tourism iconography feature image
Florida’s economy — so reliant on tourism — has been particularly hard hit by the pandemic. Tens of thousands of workers at theme parks,...
Feature image for Coffee Connections by UF Research
Writer August Lah used to joke that she spent more than half her day in a coffee house.
Collage of a variety of books published by UPF over the years.
As Florida’s oldest book publisher, University Press of Florida has evolved over the years from just serving the University of Florida to representing all 12 State University System of Florida institutions today.
Linguistics team studies the benefits of speaking multiple languages
Creativing Writing Graduate
The University of Florida’s creative writing program nurtures and pushes its graduate students