Feature image for "One Small Sprout" feature from Spring 2022 issue of Explore magazine.
A safe seems an unlikely place for a box of soil. Unless it’s the rarest, most valuablesoil on Earth. So...
A symphony orchestra is comprised of the strings, the woodwinds, the brass and percussion. Without one, you lose the depth of sound. Without them all, you lose the genius of Beethoven or Mozart.
Phoebe Stubblefield’s parents grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and even though she visited the city every summer as a child,...
Feature image of Perseverence Rover landing on Mars' surface. Artist rendering by NASA/JPL.
Williams, a University of Florida geology professor, recently joined her second Mars mission: After serving on the Curiosity rover team since 2009, she’s now a participating scientist on the Perseverance rover, which touched down on the red planet on Feb. 18.
Katherine Bermudez conducts research in lab wearing PPE.
Images of the pandemic pause became familiar so quickly: Zoom cameos by cats tiptoeing across keyboards, parents stabbing mute buttons...
Portrait of UF Physics Professor Pierre Sikivie
A University of Florida physics professor is the recipient of the 2020 J.J. Sakurai Prize for Theoretical Physics from the American Physical Society.
Implicit biases, or biases that may be hidden, reveal the way test-takers associate people with words in positive or negative ways.