Fall 2022 Features

Students with disabilities conduct research in field camp

Field Tested

A drone flies above dry grass and rolling hills in a blue sky traced with thin white clouds. Frankie Butler, controls the drone while seated in her wheelchair, looking away from the camera toward the drone on the left. Professor Anita Marshall in a Gator blue shirt supervises, leaning down to see the screen of the controller Butler holds.

A groundbreaking field camp opens Earth sciences to students with disabilities

By Alisson Clark

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The Future of Work

Feature image illustration for "The Future of Work", from the Fall 2022 issue of Explore magazine.

Predictions and perspectives from UF experts

By Alisson Clark

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Satellite-mounted telescopes get a new focus: Earth

UF spinoff Satlantis leverages deep-space astronomy to provide solutions closer to home

By Joseph Kays

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Florida’s Role in the Rescue of America’s Bird

Feature image for "The Bald Eagle" from the Fall 2022 issue of Explore magazine.

Pulitzer-winning historian details UF’s role in the bald eagle’s comeback

By Jack E. Davis

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