Spring 2024 Features

Closeup image of golden liquid dropping into a test tube.

Targeting RNA

Portrait of Matt Disney sitting in a lab with his chin resting on his clasped hands.

Chemist Matthew Disney is leading a revolution in drug discovery

By Stacey DeLoye

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Leprosy is Here

Picture of an armadillo walking on a stone surface.

A UF team puts science over stigma to stop the spread of Hansen’s disease in Florida and beyond

By Alisson Clark

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Musical Marvel

Collage of a starry sky, overlayed with white, transluscent musical notes and thin green airwaves spanning the entire image.

Hollywood has taken notice of this engineer-turned-composer’s AI-infused art

By Alisson Clark

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Unpacking Hoarding

Mixed-media collage of a woman falling into boxes full of random items. Artwork created by Katherine Kinsley-Momberger.

New hope for a disorder that’s about more than too much stuff

By Alisson Clark

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