Hero image for Explore Summer '21 feature story, "Data Prospecting"
Not so long ago, a scientist might say she could never have too much data. Even today, in a world drowning in data, it is better to be data-rich than data-poor.
A symphony orchestra is comprised of the strings, the woodwinds, the brass and percussion. Without one, you lose the depth of sound. Without them all, you lose the genius of Beethoven or Mozart.
Feature image of Perseverence Rover landing on Mars' surface. Artist rendering by NASA/JPL.
Williams, a University of Florida geology professor, recently joined her second Mars mission: After serving on the Curiosity rover team since 2009, she’s now a participating scientist on the Perseverance rover, which touched down on the red planet on Feb. 18.
On the experimental farm at the University of Florida’s Southwest Florida Research and Education Center, the fourth revolution of agriculture in is high gear.
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Pam Soltis has spent her adult life studying the Earth’s living things, first from the perspective of plants and in recent years on a broader scale as she and her husband, Doug, have worked to create a “Tree of Life” that organizes and illustrates how all living things interact.
Black Voices in Research feature image
In January, the UF Clinical and Translational Science Institute hosted “Black Voices in Research,” an online storytelling event featuring five Black members of the UF biomedical research community.
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Duane Mitchell’s team at the University of Florida is a world leader in understanding how the body’s own immune system can be marshaled to fight cancers, especially brain cancers, in children and adults. It’s a big job, managing grants, directing clinical trials, writing journal articles, courting donors and countless other things.
Holly Lane never anticipated long-term disruptions in education when the pandemic started...
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Florida’s economy — so reliant on tourism — has been particularly hard hit by the pandemic....
Katherine Bermudez conducts research in lab wearing PPE.
Images of the pandemic pause became familiar so quickly: Zoom cameos by...