Portrait of Matt Disney sitting in a lab with his chin resting on his clasped hands.

Targeting RNA

Chemist Matthew Disney is leading a revolution in drug discovery
By Stacey DeLoye

Picture of an armadillo walking on a stone surface.

Leprosy is here

A UF team puts science over stigma to stop the spread of Hansen’s disease in Florida and beyond
By Alisson Clark

Collage of a starry sky, overlayed with white, transluscent musical notes and thin green airwaves spanning the entire image.

Musical Marvel

Hollywood has taken notice of this engineer-turned-composer’s AI-infused art
By Alisson Clark

Mixed-media collage of a woman falling into boxes full of random items. Artwork created by Katherine Kinsley-Momberger.

Unpacking Hoarding

New hope for a disorder that's about more than too much stuff
By Alisson Clark

On a seven day paddle from coast to coast, a scientist tracks an 1897 expedition — and new contaminants.

Child looking down at camera while being held up by parent's hands.
When the United Nations, the American Academy of Pediatrics or The Wall...
Illustration showing the profiles of three heads and their brains with a stylized brain illustration overlaid.
A cycling accident. The loss of a beloved grandmother. A career-ending sports...
Seen from a distance, four students examine striations in red volcanic rock on the edge of a crater strewn with boulders. They wear sun hats to protect from the glare and heat. One points at the rock patterns, which are crumbled and eroded.
The drone wouldn’t fly. The wheelchair-accessible van spun its tires, digging into...