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Andy Li

Precision Navigation

Indoor GPS accurate to 5 centimeters Chances are, you love your GPS, the technology that makes sure you never get lost in the world, as long as you have your cellphone with you. But what if you need GPS indoors? Perhaps you visit the Louvre, and want to get from the Mona Lisa to...
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Peak Comfort

The internet of things could make the office sweater obsolete University of Florida researcher Prabir Barooah has a message for office workers: You don’t have to freeze to death. Not only that, but keeping you comfortable could save energy. “Most people are uncomfortable most of...
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Cloud Roots

MIST Center focuses on hardware that enables the IoT When you think about the internet of things, you likely think of signals zipping through air and space, computing in the clouds. But the signals in the ether need roots, and at the University of Florida the internet of things...
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Julie Levy, left, is conducting research on contraceptive vaccines for cats. Until that work succeeds, she performs spay and neuter surgery each month at Operation Catnip.

Catnip & Contraception

Feline population control is a matter of science and scalpels The first feline to show up in Vera Williamson’s yard was a tiny gray and white kitten. It was so small, she figured a chicken hawk flying overhead dropped it. She didn’t think twice about putting out a pan of cat...
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Brent Sumerlin says UF chemists like George Butler and Ken Wagener established a foundation for the study of polymer chemistry, a science that plays a huge role in biomedicine and energy.

Polymer People

UF builds on a strong foundation in polymer chemistry   In retrospect, chemist Brent Sumerlin says, landing at the University of Florida in the Butler Lab seems like destiny. The lab is named for UF Professor George Butler, one of the pioneers in polymer chemistry from his...
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The CRISPR Revolution

A new technology is changing the face – and pace – of cell science A year or so ago, University of Florida toxicologist Chris Vulpe started getting calls, first from one colleague, then another, and another. They had an idea and wanted to use CRISPR in their labs, but had...
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Star Trek: Antarctica

The icy continent is a perfect place to imitate space   As Rob Ferl and Anna-Lisa Paul navigated their way from the plane to their quarters at the Alfred Wegener Institute’s Neumayer Station research base in Antarctica last January, they couldn’t help but imagine they were...
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Research Assistance

The woman in the UF Health Jacksonville emergency room presented a puzzle for attending physician Faheem Guirgis. In her early pregnancy, she had a sore throat and a fever. Those symptoms were not alarming compared with those of other patients being seen on that busy day, but...
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UF wind engineer and hurricane researcher Forrest Masters was interviewed on The Weather Channel after setting up research equipment in Irma’s path in South Florida.

Tracking Irma

As the University of Florida shuttered offices in advance of Hurricane Irma, wind engineer and hurricane researcher Forrest Masters and his team readied a convoy of equipment, fueled up and headed into the storm. “We wanted to get into position, so that the eyewall would pass...
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