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Overcoming Barriers

It was a serendipitous finding. In a follow-up clinic for brain cancer patients who had undergone a procedure known as laser ablation — in which a minimally invasive probe is used to heat and kill a tumor — Dr. David Tran and colleagues repeatedly noted a “new ring ...
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Period Pieces

Florida’s history is colorful, but perhaps no piece of its past is as colorful as its citrus crate labels. The nostalgic images are an invitation to stroll down memory lane, one lined with orderly rows of citrus trees. The labels began as a simple marketing tool pasted onto...
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Duane Mitchell, Photo Credits: Mindy C. Miller

Battling Brain Cancer

Elias Sayour spent years working toward becoming a pediatric oncologist so he could help kids fight cancer. He always imagined taking care of patients; he didn’t think research was really his thing. But as a fellow in training, Sayour was struck — overwhelmed, really — by two...
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Postdoctoral Associate Cedric Uytingco and fellow researchers in the UF Center for Smell and Taste are working to change the lack of available treatments for anosmia, or impairment of the sense of smell.

Making Sense of Smell

Think of the smell of a rain shower. Of freshly baked apple pie. Of a baby. We may not stop to ponder our sense of smell and how it connects us to experiences and memories. Unless, that is, we have lost it. Or never had it at all. At the University of Florida Center for Smell and...
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The Election Geek

When you walk into your voting booth, chances are you think you are choosing the politicians who will represent you. Actually, says University of Florida political scientist Michael McDonald, the politicians already have chosen you. The shapes of voting districts — from school...
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The Democracy Machine

A week before the 2012 presidential election, Juan Gilbert walked into Clemson Elementary School in South Carolina looking for the ideal test subjects for a technology he had been developing for almost a decade. Gilbert, a computer scientist, wanted to see if the voting...
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Climate Conversation

Climate change conversations seem to come with invisible boundaries: humanists talking with humanists, scientists talking with scientists. In some conversations, climate change can be just as taboo as religion, sex and politics. But how do you tackle a problem you can’t talk...
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Low Carb Community

In fall 2008, a homeowner in Pasco County was jailed for breaking the rules in his deed-restricted subdivision. His lawn was brown. A few months later, spring 2009, Tampa Bay Water drained its 15-billion-gallon reservoir and crossed its fingers for an early rainy season. This...
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Clyde Fraisse is eager to talk to farmers about climate change. Farmers? Not so much. “They are very focused on this season,” says Fraisse, an associate professor of agricultural and biological engineering at the University of Florida and director of the Southeast Climate...
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