University of Florida


Fab Lab: Infinite Creativity

Mat Chandler doesn’t have a magic wand or a vial of pixie dust, but at the intersection of art, science and technology that is the University of Florida Infinity Fab Lab, he conjures up magic all the same. Chandler is the guiding force behind the Fab Lab, likely the most...
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Incubating Innovation

When Merrie Shaw was working on her science fair project on nematodes in sixth grade, the topic resonated with her because the pests were a problem for her family’s Alachua farm. Spraying pesticides meant leaving the land fallow for six months to let the toxic pesticides wear off...
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Tapomoy Bhattacharjee monitors the printing of a jellyfish.

Soft Matter Solutions

A dozen or so polymer jellyfish float in an aquarium in Tommy Angelini’s engineering lab, not alive but freaks of nature nonetheless, about to rock the world. Just months ago, these jellyfish could not have existed; there was no way to make something so soft. That changed in...
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Innovation Turns 50

Like so much of science, the invention of Gatorade 50 years ago seems to have happened by magic, as if the whole story could be told in a 90-second television commercial narrated by Keith Jackson. But a closer look at the copious amounts of data Dr. Robert Cade and his colleagues...
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Sweat Equity

Champions at the University of Florida – whether in sports or science – are built on a lemon-lime foundation. From the Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Institute to the Center for Exercise Science and the College of Medicine, scientists have teamed up to study the human body’s...
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Early Years

Sandra Dodgens was taking a break from being a foster parent after the heartbreak of losing a child with cerebral palsy. Then a social worker called her about a pair of twins in critical need. The previous foster parent had them for 30 hours and gave up. Dodgens decided to help....
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Going Viral

For the billions of viral particles that populate our bodies, the connections they make with host cells can be the difference between sickness and health. Mavis Agbandje-McKenna has spent much of her career seeking to understand those connections and manipulate them, either to...
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Power Surge

The University of Florida Training Reactor was commissioned in 1959 as part of President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s Atoms for Peace program, and today it is one of the five oldest university research reactors still licensed. As it approached the half-century mark, it was due for a...
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Ira Longini has long experience in modeling infectious diseases, from the annual versions of influenza to the exotic chikungunya, and cholera and dengue in between. “About seven or eight years ago I started working on Ebola — I didn’t publish anything — I just thought it...
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