University of Florida


The Researcher Within

National Science Foundation Fellowships Nurture Young Scientists By Cindy Spence Five or six years ago, David Mazyck taught an informal workshop to help students put together their applications for the prestigious National Science Foundation...
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Hive Help

UF lab is focused on keeping honey bees healthy By Cindy Spence The honey bee is a keystone species, and without it, Jamie Ellis says, one out of every four or five bites you eat would disappear. “Twenty percent of my diet is not citrus, it’s...
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When Less Oxygen Heals

Putting novel spinal cord injury therapy to the test By Michelle Koidin Jaffee “Superman” actor and disabilities activist Christopher Reeve often traveled the country to visit teams of neuroscientists working to discover possible...
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Drilling Down

Lake beneath Antarctic ice reveals its secrets By Joseph Kays Standing in the perpetual sunshine and chill of the Antarctic summer last Dec. 26, UF microbiologist Brent Christner peered into a hole 60 centimeters in diameter in the ice below his...
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Dr. Joseph Tyndall, interim dean of the UF College of Medicine, gets his flu vaccine in September.

Flu Fighter

Researchers believe that over 50 million people worldwide died in the...
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Egypt Illustrates Global Food Security Issues

Scientists, including many at the University of Florida, are trying to...
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Irrigation doesn’t have to use fresh water

University of Florida scientists will work with  growers to encourage...
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Military seeks warning of human migrations

Natural and agricultural disasters can lead to massive human...
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Thomas E. Angelini

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Assistant Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Tommy Angelini’s Bio and Soft Matter Lab at UF hopes to discover how system-level properties of large groups of cells—epithelial...
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