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Professor Stephen Golant combines geography and gerontology to examine the decisions people make about where to age.

Navigating Old Age

The flower children drawn to San Francisco in 1967 by the strains of Scott McKenzie’s song took to the streets of Haight-Ashbury with youthful abandon in a counter culture celebration, the Summer of Love. A half century later, the turn on, tune...
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The Power of Object

Florida Museum Director Doug Jones draws endless inspiration from objects in the collection. As a paleontologist, he is particularly drawn to fossils like the Heliaster sea star. Unlike an ordinary starfish with five arms, the Heliaster had 30...
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Terra Incognita

On the map of life, of biodiversity on the planet, there are patches that are unknown, as if a hiker spilled coffee and covered up a chunk here and there. A hiker might have trouble using such a map and so does a scientist struggling to...
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Got Frogs?

Herpetologist David Blackburn takes a jar off the shelf in the Herpetology Collection at the Florida Museum of Natural History, home to about 300,000 preserved amphibians and reptiles. Inside, suspended in a clear liquid, is a tuatara, one of...
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Invasive Evolution

The federally endangered bird, the snail kite, was faced with an...
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Portraits of UF faculty members, Doug Soltis and Art Hebard

Two UF faculty members elected to National Academy of Sciences

Two University of Florida faculty members have been named to the...
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UF plays key role in trial for successful Ebola vaccine

An international group of researchers associated with the World Health...
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Michael Okun

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Professor of Neurology Michael Okun is a surgical neurologist who has spent the last decade mapping the human brain for deep-brain stimulation...
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