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UF faculty reach 10 million reads on “The Conversation”

181 authors and 263 published articles later, University of Florida researchers have hit the milestone of 10 million reads on The Conversation, a nonprofit publisher of academic articles on timely, research-related topics.

Curious what readers found the most interesting?

Here are the top-10 most read articles by University of Florida researchers on the Conversation:

  1. That neat and tidy map of tastes on the tongue you learned in school is all wrong by Steven Munger, Associate Director of Center for Smell and Taste
  2. Explainer: where did Zika virus come from and why is it a problem in Brazil? by Amy Y. Vittor, Assistant Professor of Medicine
  3. For baby’s brain to benefit, read the right books at the right time by Lisa Scott, Associate Professor of Psychology
  4. Want better sex? Try getting better sleep by Laurie Mintz, Professor of Psychology
  5. Feast then famine – how fasting might make our cells more resilient to stress by Douglas Bennion, MD-PhD student; Martin Wegman, MD-PhD student; and Michael Guo, MD-PhD student
  6. ‘Gluten-free water’ shows absurdity of trend in labeling what’s absent by Brandon McFadden, Assistant Professor of Food and Resource Economics
  7. Freddie Mercury’s family faith: The ancient religion of Zoroastrianism by Vasudha Narayanan, Professor of Religion
  8. Our fight with fat: Why is obesity getting worse? by Kenneth Cusi, Professor of Endocrinology
  9. The Common Core is today’s New Math – which is actually a good thing by Kevin Knudson, Professor of Mathematics
  10. Teenage depression: If a parent doesn’t get treatment for a child, is that abuse? by Michael Shapiro, Associate Professor of Psychiatry