Bridging Music and Medicine

Other universities told Xander Boggs he’d have to choose between music and medical school. The University of Florida encouraged him do both. Through UF’s one-of-a-kind Music for Pre-Health Professions degree, Boggs will earn a bachelor of music while taking all of the math and science courses he needs to apply to med school.

“Music is my driving force. I really wanted to keep it in my life,” says Boggs, a first-year student who plays cello, piano, guitar and bass and wants to be an emergency-room doctor. “That’s the main reason I chose UF.”

UF is the only institution accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music to offer a bachelor of music combined with another field. Pre-health isn’t the only option: Music students can graduate with a Master of Science in Management or Entrepreneurship or pursue a second bachelor’s degree — engineering is a popular choice.

“I know for me I wouldn’t be happy just focusing on STEM,” Boggs said. “Music gives me a break from the stress of STEM classes. When I’m feeling stressed out, I can practice cello or write a song.”