University of Florida


Senior Boom

The year was 1951 and the first baby boomers were entering kindergarten. At the University of Florida, preparations were already under way for their retirement. The new field of gerontology, the study of adult aging, was just developing and UF...
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UF, DowElanco Develop Termite Terminator System

The University of Florida and DowElanco have developed an environmentally friendly termite control technology known as the Sentricon Colony Elimination System that monitors termite activity, then uses the insects’ own behavior to destroy...
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EYE Can See Clearly

Glaucoma is an insidious disease, as many of the 2 million Americans who suffer from it can attest. It ambushes a person in early middle age and begins to destroy the retina and optic nerve, working from the outside of the field of vision in, so...
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Retaling Revolution

Selling things used to be so simple. Stiff-collared merchants displayed their wares on counters, stood by the door to dis- courage shoplifters and lowered prices when a product didn’t sell. Today, retailing is a $2 trillion-a-year business...
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Invasive Evolution

The federally endangered bird, the snail kite, was faced with an...
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Portraits of UF faculty members, Doug Soltis and Art Hebard

Two UF faculty members elected to National Academy of Sciences

Two University of Florida faculty members have been named to the...
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UF plays key role in trial for successful Ebola vaccine

An international group of researchers associated with the World Health...
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Anna-Lisa Paul

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Research Associate Professor of Horticultural Sciences Anna-Lisa Paul is a plant molecular biologist with an interest in how plants respond to...
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