Power upgrade underway at UF Data Center

Power and cooling upgrades, along with other facilities improvements necessary to support the university’s AI Initiative, are underway at the UF Data Center on East Campus.

The upgrades necessary to enable HiPerGator AI will be completed by December 2020. Enhancements include doubling the cooling capacity by adding 12,000 gallons of chilled water storage and installing a second generator. These additions ensure that the UF Data Center has the infrastructure necessary to power the many new AI machines and the university-wide systems already housed there.

The full upgrade is scheduled for completion in May 2021, with the arrival and subsequent installation of a new backup generator. Visit https://ai.ufl.edu/ for more information on the university’s AI initiative. The website also has information on open faculty positions, UF’s AI training calendar, and an overview of UF’s partnership with NVIDIA.

This story originally appeared on UF Information Technology.

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