UF engineers apply the little-known science of tribology to sticky problems
Technology opens UF's collection of amphibians and reptiles to the world
Portrait of UF Physics Professor Pierre Sikivie
A University of Florida physics professor is the recipient of the 2020 J.J. Sakurai Prize for Theoretical Physics from the American Physical Society.
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Dive into Explore's archives from the fall of 2011 to the magazine's beginnings in the spring of 1996
Katherine Bermudez conducts research in lab wearing PPE.
Images of the pandemic pause became familiar so quickly: Zoom cameos by cats tiptoeing across keyboards, parents stabbing mute buttons...
UF wind engineer and hurricane researcher Forrest Masters was interviewed on The Weather Channel after setting up research equipment in Irma’s path in South Florida.
Hurricane Irma provided both opportunities and challenges for UF research
Albert Einstein, gravitational waves graphic art
UF physicists were leaders in the construction of LIGO and the detection of gravitational waves