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Catch a Wave

Billions of years ago, far across the universe, two massive black holes engaged in an eons-long dance, their mutual attraction drawing them closer and closer, until, in an instant, the two became one. At that moment, they emanated out ripples in...
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Solving for XX

Stephanie Cruz did a double take when she entered one of her computer science classes at the University of Florida in the first week of fall 2015. A woman was teaching it. A woman also was teaching the next class — and the next. Cruz, now a...
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Team Florida

David Nelson is a team player. “I’ve always enjoyed team sports,” Nelson says, “Growing up, I hated cross country, I hated swimming. I played basketball and volleyball and focused most on soccer.” He played soccer so well that he had his sights...
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Paleontologists find first fossil monkey in North America

Seven tiny teeth tell the story of an ancient monkey that made a...
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UF researchers: Florida sees increase in school gardens

School gardens have been popping up like pea plants all over Florida,...
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UF Health researchers develop unique model for studying ALS

University of Florida Health researchers have developed a unique mouse...
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UF researchers, Disney team up to protect butterflies, sea turtles

When your life’s work is protecting endangered species, progress is...
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Emilio Bruna

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Associate Professor of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation  Emilio Bruna strives to understand the impact of human activities on tropical...
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