University of Florida


The Power of Object

On its 100th anniversary, Florida Museum of Natural History researchers are applying new technologies to old specimens Florida Museum Director Doug Jones draws endless inspiration from objects in the collection. As a paleontologist, he is...
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Terra Incognita

Mining museums for new knowledge On the map of life, of biodiversity on the planet, there are patches that are unknown, as if a hiker spilled coffee and covered up a chunk here and there. A hiker might have trouble using such a map and so does a...
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Got Frogs?

Technology opens UF’s collection of amphibians and reptiles to the world Herpetologist David Blackburn takes a jar off the shelf in the Herpetology Collection at the Florida Museum of Natural History, home to about 300,000 preserved amphibians...
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UF plays key role in trial for successful Ebola vaccine

An international group of researchers associated with the World Health...
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UF/IFAS study: Failure to cool dry dairy cows could cost $810 million annually

If American farmers do not cool their non-lactating dairy cows, they...
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NIH grants aim to understand molecular changes during physical activity

When we exercise, a cascade of benefits occurs, but researchers don’t...
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Ellen Martin

Comment are off
Professor of Geological Sciences 34 million years ago, Antarctica was covered by a beech forest. 33 million years ago it was covered in ice....
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