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Climate Conversation

Climate change conversations seem to come with invisible boundaries: humanists talking with humanists, scientists talking with scientists. In some conversations, climate change can be just as taboo as religion, sex and politics. But how do you...
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Low Carb Community

In fall 2008, a homeowner in Pasco County was jailed for breaking the rules in his deed-restricted subdivision. His lawn was brown. A few months later, spring 2009, Tampa Bay Water drained its 15-billion-gallon reservoir and crossed its fingers...
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Clyde Fraisse is eager to talk to farmers about climate change. Farmers? Not so much. “They are very focused on this season,” says Fraisse, an associate professor of agricultural and biological engineering at the University of Florida and...
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Gravitational waves detected from second pair of colliding black holes

Four months after stunning the world with the announcement that they...
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UF/IFAS study could help cities improve tree planting

Heat from city sidewalks, streets, and parking lots, along with insect...
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Matias Kirst

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Associate Professor of Quantitative Genetics Genetics researcher Matias Kirst works to discover the genes, metabolic and regulatory networks that...
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