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Addressing Addiction

How does drinking alcohol affect the developing brains of adolescents? What is the impact of social, familial and biological factors on brain development during the pre-teen and teen years? Amid this period of great intellectual and emotional...
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Overcoming Barriers

It was a serendipitous finding. In a follow-up clinic for brain cancer patients who had undergone a procedure known as laser ablation — in which a minimally invasive probe is used to heat and kill a tumor — Dr. David Tran and colleagues...
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Period Pieces

Florida’s history is colorful, but perhaps no piece of its past is as colorful as its citrus crate labels. The nostalgic images are an invitation to stroll down memory lane, one lined with orderly rows of citrus trees. The labels began as a...
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Finding Dory

Finally, it may be possible for regular folks to find their own Dory....
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Extortion Extinction: Putting the brakes on ransomware

Ransomware — what hackers use to encrypt your computer files and...
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Separate Lives: UF doctors separate conjoined twins connected at the heart and liver

Conjoined twin girls who were connected at the heart and other organs...
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Daily supplement of bacteria could prevent cavities

University of Florida Health researchers have identified a new strain...
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Emilio Bruna

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Associate Professor of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation  Emilio Bruna strives to understand the impact of human activities on tropical...
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