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Innovation Turns 50

Like so much of science, the invention of Gatorade 50 years ago seems to have happened by magic, as if the whole story could be told in a 90-second television commercial narrated by Keith Jackson. But a closer look at the copious amounts of data...
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Sweat Equity

By Cindy Spence Champions at the University of Florida – whether in sports or science – are built on a lemon-lime foundation. From the Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Institute to the Center for Exercise Science and the College of Medicine,...
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Early Years

By Cindy Spence Sandra Dodgens was taking a break from being a foster parent after the heartbreak of losing a child with cerebral palsy. Then a social worker called her about a pair of twins in critical need. The previous foster parent had them...
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Fill ‘er Up

It’s 6:30 a.m. in the south end zone at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, yet...
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Study Reveals Oldest Primate Lived In Trees

Say “primate” and most people wouldn’t think of a tree-dwelling,...
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Fungal Treatment May Thwart Avocado Disease

University of Florida scientists believe they’ve found what could be...
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Process Converts Human Waste Into Rocket Fuel

Buck Rogers surely couldn’t have seen this one coming, but at NASA’s...
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Folakemi Odedina

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Professor of Radiation Oncology and Pharmacy Radiation oncology and pharmacy Professor Folakemi Odedina has dedicated her career to eliminating...
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