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Forecasting Haiti

An internet of things solution brings weather data back to Haiti When University of Florida engineering Professor Bill Eisenstadt visited Haiti in 2016, he was asked for advice on how to fix a weather monitoring network devastated by earthquakes...
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Mouth Monitor

Mining data from the human mouth The scene is familiar to sports fans who keep an eye on the sidelines. An athlete is pulled out of a game, and a team physician is face-to-face with him, asking questions and running tests. Minutes tick by, and...
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Phish in a Barrel

Cyber attacks target the most vulnerable Somewhere in cyberspace, someone is creeping on your Facebook page, studying your LinkedIn account, scoping out your company’s website and Googling your name. Using information you trust, she is crafting...
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I-STREET testbed deploys the internet of things for traffic research Florida and the University of Florida are leaders in driverless vehicle research, and UF Transportation Institute Director Lily Elefteriadou says there’s no better place than...
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Invasive Evolution

The federally endangered bird, the snail kite, was faced with an...
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Portraits of UF faculty members, Doug Soltis and Art Hebard

Two UF faculty members elected to National Academy of Sciences

Two University of Florida faculty members have been named to the...
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UF plays key role in trial for successful Ebola vaccine

An international group of researchers associated with the World Health...
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Jennifer Bizon

Comment are off
Associate Professor of Neuroscience  In addition to the 13 percent of individuals over age 65 who will face dementia associated with Alzheimer’s...
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