Feature image for VR and Autism story from the Spring 2023 issue of Explore magazine.
In a small private school in Jacksonville, a teenager put on a virtual-reality headsetfor the first time. Immersed in another...
Feature image for UF Explore's story on Aerosol research.
As scientific voids go, it would be hard just now to find a more pressing question: How do the aerosols...
Feature image for "Building Blocks" from Explore magazine's Fall 2021 issue
The earliest known use of concrete is a floor that dates back to Galilee, circa 7000 BCE, still sound when...
Counterfeit items
Counterfeit construction materials are flooding the U.S. market
Mist Center graphic art
MIST Center focuses on hardware that enables the IoT
Hero image for Explore Summer '21 feature story, "Data Prospecting"
Not so long ago, a scientist might say she could never have too much data. Even today, in a world drowning in data, it is better to be data-rich than data-poor.